So I found an app that can make gif but it kinda changes the color of the file a tiny bit.

Ill post the head anyway just in case any of you decided you like it.


2 different skin tones on the last heads.

Pale, and tan.

OK bye.




So I was going to have this as a personal but.. Ya nope.

So since I’m never going to use them

You guys can have them 👍

Alright credits to Genesis for the head and body.

I kinda just put 2 heads together and got this.

 Ya ill just stop typing now, Enjoy!

Also sorry for the huge for head but uh.. Um.


I would say ‘Comment for different colors!’

But my computer broke so I cant make bodies cc WOOP WOOP.

Ok I’ll leave now.



Sorry for not posting in a while.

I haven’t really been busy, just super lazy lol.

Anyway here’s something i’ve been working on for a few days.

Credits to AznGirlzGfx.WordPress for original head.

And NhiGraalGfx.WordPress for body.



{Comment or DM me in graal if you want diff colors}

And guys sorry for not giving you lots of other hair colors in one post its just too much work recoloring lmao.

But I will add another color if you want me to!!

Alrighty.. Bye.





credits to: cuppygraal

sorry cuppy I accidentally erased your watermark while reshading the back of the head :c

this isn’t a head that has extensions so use any body without any head extensions.

all I did was reshade the hair, fixed up the face a lil, changed the emotions, and added the “A” watermark.

1st head: no animation

2nd head: fast small eyeshadow?/glitter blink

3rd head: blink

( I take requests now too! ❤ )

-ally/cd ❤

Image (11)1234kalbeekalbee4everkalbeelives

sorry I haven’t been posting a lot

ok ok the actual head I recolored, reshaded, changed it to strait hair changed the sides and the back of the head, and changed the emotions.

but creds to bloomingflowerblog for the hair color and bodies

creds to azngirlzgfx for the head

1st head is non gif

2nd head just blinks

3rd head has a color leak

4th head has a blink and a wink with a heart

5th head blinks and winks with a tongue sticking out

(not as good but I wanted to try it out)

k bye

-ally ❤


So I found my laptop!

And I just saw this hair color and thought it was really pretty.

I wanted to use it on something so I was looking for heads to edit off of and found this one!

So I basically just recolored it and added the black.. stuff.

And changed the face, and added a second pony tail!

Alright credits to lyviagfx for the original head.

And plhgfx for the body.




DM me in graal or comment if you have any complaints!