So Credits to LyviaGfx.

And I just removed the ear and changed the faces, added a tiny bit more detail to the ombre part.





There’s 2 bodies that would work great with the head so, you choose!

There’s another body that would work i guess on tams site but I’m to lazy to add it! β˜ΊπŸ‘Œ

Anyways give credits to me cuz it was surprisingly hard to remove the ear lol.

Hope you all love it! Also gimme more ideas cuz I’m clueless πŸ˜‚



credits to kezzy

all i did what make the other side an extension, changed eyes, added the little hair bang thing coming down, added gif, changed emotions,

no i dont have a non blinking version of this and i am way to lazy to spend one minute to do it.


this is extra, credits to kelly, i changed the skin tone, changed the eyes, added gif, changed emotions.

i wanted this to be my personal but i edited something better.

-ally ❀


Sorry if I’ve been sort of inactive for a few days! But I’m back so no worries. 😘

So I just made the hair on this head to ombre, and changed the faces.

Anyways Enjoy!




I would just like to point out that yes I am aware of the fact that I have mostly been posting, “added a hair tail thing” or “made it ombre” edits. Please excuse my repetive last few heads, I just don’t have very many ideas for what is should make. If you have any suggestions please let me know and I will work on it!

Give credits to Me,Β And nhigraalgfx for the body.


Image result for tumblr pixel dividers


Image result for tumblr pixel dividers

lmao sorry for my ugli watermark πŸ˜„ , I was recoloring one of my old edits.. πŸ˜„

Anyways this one but the brown hair version, is I think my second most popular head edit, or something..Β  my most popular (I can tell I see a lot of people using it) was my old personal with flame eyes. πŸ™‚

so all I did was recolor my old edit to black and fix some recoloring problems πŸ˜‚ . I couldn’t really fix my watermark unless I copy and paste which takes forever. 😭

So I’m sorry you guys have to deal with my ugli watermarkΒ if you upload of but yeaaa.. πŸ˜‚ credits to me because it was an old edit of mine, you can look on my old post for the credits and stuff..😊

(the old post is on my site cdgraalgfx)

Enjoyy ❀❀❀ byee

-ally ❀